Granite Fort Lauderdale, FL: For a Stunning and Sophisticated Kitchen Look, Nothing Beats Custom Granite Counter Tops.

For years granite countertops have been the preferred choice for just about everyone looking to remodel and improve their homes kitchen or bathroom. They offer a multi-faceted, beautiful and functional design and appearance while being affordable to most homeowners looking for a big positive change in their home’s design. Today, one of the hottest trends taking the kitchen and bathroom world by storm is black & white decorating. A black and white themed kitchen or bathroom produces one of the most upscale and sophisticated looks possible. Granite countertops can be used to achieve this look simply and powerfully adding amazing style to any home. To many in Fort Lauderdale, a home is a trophy. It says a lot about your outlook, your family and yourself. What is your home saying?



With a luxurious black and white themed kitchen your home makes an immediately clear statement. The black, custom granite countertops draw the viewer’s focus while the white provides second to none contrast effects. In this theme, cabinets, floors and walls all couple together for a prestigious feel as well as impressive functionality. Granite countertops last a lifetime and with industry leading granite sealers, they are virtually maintenance free. Besides substantially increasing home value and enhancing a home’s look, granite also withstands heat well and has the second highest hardness rating behind diamonds. Granite countertops are clearly Fort Lauderdale’s best option for any prospective home remodeling jobs. Always consider that once you get over how the job looks, it must work for you in a way that you stay comfortable. If the material doesn’t suit you right in the long run the you will be unhappy. Granite is one of the absolute best options for countertop materials so you are likely to love your new custom granite countertop.


Granite is different from marble in its use and style. Both are wonderful additions to any home and should be highly considered for most redecorations or remodeling. While marble brilliant and stylish, it is not highly recommended for use in the kitchen. Marble is more porous than granite, and certain marbles can stain quite readily. Common household liquids such as orange juice, nail polish remover, shampoo, hair dye, and even water can cause serious stains in certain marbles. This is why granite countertops will be the preferred option. Ask your local marble and granite craftsman and contractor to explain the ups and downs to each material for your individual needs. This is how you will be assured the best results.



Nothing shouts elegance and class like black granite counter tops and a black and white themed bathroom or kitchen. However, with over three thousand granite color variations, there is a granite look for everyone. For the look that lasts and shines your new granite countertop needs to come from your local, professional, granite suppliers and companies. Purchasing granite in Fort Lauderdale, FL from reputable companies like Broward Marble & Granite ensures your home receives only the best rock around. Contact your local granite specialists for your next granite remodel and get the custom countertops you always dreamed of today.

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