Granite in Fort Lauderdale, FL: New countertops will rock your world!


After months of searching for a new home you’ve finally found one that’s just right. It’s the perfect size, great location, and it’s in your price range. There’s only one problem. The kitchen and bathrooms are a complete disaster. The worst of it is the old laminate countertops that started out white but absorbed every color imaginable since they were installed. You know you’ll be spending a ton of time in the kitchen so it’s got to have an inviting feel. Once you’ve decided those old counters need to go, what are your options? That’s where the knowledgeable people over at Broward Marble & Granite of Fort Lauderdale come in.

The most ornate and durable countertops available can be found at Broward Marble & Granite. Stone countertops have several different advantages over traditional laminate. First and foremost is the durability. Granite, marble, quartz and onyx are some of the hardest materials on Earth. Counters made from these surfaces are sure to last a lifetime without scratching, chipping, or cracking. You won’t need to worry about a cutting board anymore because even the sharpest of knives won’t put a nick in a hefty slab of granite.

Granite counters are more ideal for the kitchen as marble is a more porous rock, meaning it tends to absorb what comes in contact with it. While a dark marble would have less visible stains, a white or light colored marble in the kitchen would take on a rainbow of colors due to the spills of everyday life. Even water has been known to discolor white marble over time. Granite, especially once sealed, is extremely resistant to staining and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Another advantage of stone countertops is their look. Plain white laminate counters are dull and make a kitchen or bathroom feel cold and uninviting. With stone your color options are nearly endless and the folks over at Broward Marble & Granite can custom build any counter to fit your needs.  The rich color swirls of marble and granite are visually appealing and are sure to make your kitchen stand out. Give your kitchen an elegant feel with the dark hues of Baltic Brown granite while your bathroom takes on a nautical vibe with Green Guatemala marble.

Broward Marble & Granite will also custom fit a sink of your choice into both kitchen and bathroom countertops. They feature a large variety of undermount and vessel sinks so you’re sure to find one that fits the décor of the room. You can even customize the edge details of each slab of stone from Plain Square to more ornate ogee and dupont cuts. Your dream bathroom or kitchen can become a reality and it all starts with stone countertops.

If you’re in the market for granite in Fort Lauderdale, FL then head on over to Broward Marble & Granite. They’re slogan says it all, “We’ll rock your world!”

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