How Can Marble Fabrication Enhance a Home?


Marble surfaces can bring elegance, beauty and class to almost any room in your home. Most people think that marble is reserved for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities, but this isn’t the case. There’s a marble fabricator in Fort Lauderdale, Fl that can turn almost any surface into a stunning marble piece. Marble is a strong material that can be utilized throughout your home for unique and beautiful designs. Working with the team at Broward Marble & Granite can help set your marble free and enhance almost any space within your home.

Marble surfaces are slabs of highly polished crystalline rock that is found in the earth’s surface. Each slab of marble is highly unique, coming in seemingly endless combinations of color and texture. Marble is the epitome of natural stone, its beautiful appearance is created by natural processes rather than artificial intervention. Because of its natural beauty, marble is world renowned as an exceptional material. It can bring natural elements to a space which may be lacking in an earthly touch. The team at Broward Marble & Granite works with marble from the best suppliers. They fabricate all types of marble including:

  • Green Guatemala
  • Emperador Brown
  • Bottocino Crema
  • Calacata Gold
  • Breicca Oniciata
  • Jerusalem Gold

Their ever-changing marble slabs can be different from one day to the next, meaning that their customers receive the highest variety possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your marble choices, they can help with suggestions and guidance that will help you find the marble that is perfect for your design.

The customized marble fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, Fl offered at Broward Marble & Granite helps unleash the full potential of marble slabs. They can help design customized marble surfaces for dining tables, fireplaces, countertops, window sills, staircases, mantles, wraparound bars and even home theater fabrication. Marble has long been admired for its beauty and shaping ability, it’s a material that makes a bold statement in any shape or location. The team at Broward Marble & Granite can further enhance your marble slabs with their unique marble edge details in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Edges provide a finishing touch that enhances the beauty of your marble. The professionals at Broward Marble & Granite can offer premium edging which fits in with any design, from sleek modern lines to ornate beveled details.

The experienced fabricators at Broward Marble & Granite have been enhancing homes with quality marble fabrication since 1992. Their team specializes in providing expert guidance and professional fabrication for custom stone surfaces that are great for residential, commercial and even marine settings. With the endless versatility of marble and the customization offered at Broward Marble & Granite, your marble applications are only limited by your imagination! Call today to learn which new materials are in stock and get started on your custom marble fabrication!

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