How Can Remnant Stone Improve My Home in Oakland Park, FL?


Replacing your countertops can be pretty pricey, however, if you were looking for stone countertops for a lower price you may be in luck. At Broward Marble & Granite we offer remnants of granite, marble and much more in Oakland Park, FL. Remnant stone is the leftover stone that gets left with the manufacturer after larger jobs like countertops and tiling are performed. The remnant stone in Oakland Park, FL is sold for a much cheaper price because the pieces are not in ideal shapes for new jobs. This is misleading to many who look into remnants in Oakland Park, FL because they believe the remnants are of a lower quality because the price is reduced. This is false!

Remnants in Oakland Park are perfect for your home!

The remnant is of the same great quality it has always been in, they are simply the left over’s from a previous job someone paid full price for. Because the remnants in Overland Park, FL are the left over it is important to be flexible with your ideas of a countertop, bathroom vanity, or island.  Each and every remnant you will encounter will be different from the next. The colors of the remnants will vary from the next, the grain will never be exactly the same, and each remnant ranges in thickness. So while you are getting great qualities of remnant stone, you may have to mix and match to build your desired countertop.

Remnants in Oakland Park, FL can be used to enhance either the interior or exterior of you home in a cheap manner. At Broward Marble & Granite we are a supplier of granite remnants, marble remnants, quartz remnants, and quartzites remnants for your convenience. As long as you are not looking for a specific color of stone that you have had your heart set on for years, you can easily construct an attractive countertop for your home.

If you are interested in recycling stone and creating your own unique countertop or surface, remnant stone in Oakland Park, FL may be the best choice for you. At Broward Marble & Granite we are willing to work with your needs and our materials to find the perfect match. Your interior or exterior can be sparkling with your ideal stone without stretching your money too far. Call us now at (954) 561-5502 to discuss how our remnants can improve your home’s appearance.

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