Everything You Need to Know about Granite Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, FL

You may have noticed after seeing pictures how natural bathroom and kitchen granite countertops look and not to mention how polished they are, but you may not know how it gets that way! The process is called stone or granite fabrication and here is everything you need to know about granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, FL from the experts at Broward Marble & Granite! 

Granite Fabrication 101 

When it comes to fabricating granite, you will need to work with a fabricator before the actual process starts to help you with choices and decisions. Fabrication would be the final inspection just to make sure all is well and all of the flaws like scratches and seams is not showing at all. Once the flaw inspection is done the fabricator will lay out the granite to ensure the color and texture. Then it’s ready to be cut and edged to perfection. Followed by edging it polishing and smoothing the surface then it’s washed, dried, and the fabricator will apply a sealer base coat. After this, the whole process is over and is ready to be installed! 

Working with the Best Countertop Fabricators 

To make sure your granite countertop is absolutely perfect and the way you pictured it would look like, you have to work with the best fabricators. Our team at Broward Marble & Granite have the best fabricators ready to help you with all choices and decisions before the actual process begins. Our fabricators take pride in the beauty of their work because fabrication is not just cutting stone, its doing everything you can to make it the most perfect looking piece of beauty! Our team is dedicated to offering high quality service and high quality custom countertops since 1997!  

Work with us! 

If you are looking for a company who are convenient, efficient, and focused on high quality work, then you don’t have to look far because that’s our team here at Broward Marble & Granite! We offer a wide selection of options to choose from and fabrication services that can’t compare to others. Why go to a big box company when you can work with a family owned and ran business who are professional, warm, and offer good old fashioned personal customer service. Don’t settle for less than the best and work with us today, we’ll rock your world!

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