Understanding the Process of Stone Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale

The word fabrication is used quite often regarding stonework, but what exactly does it mean and what goes into the process? The stone homeowners select for their new kitchen and bath has an extensive path before it arrives at a house. Understanding the background and fabrication in Fort Lauderdale for countertops and vanities can give homeowners a better appreciation of the products and artworks they’re buying.

Selecting Beautiful Slabs for Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale

Every great countertop went through layers and layers of thought. First, the stone is chosen, and professional marble and granite companies only accept high-quality materials. It’s all about color, consistency, durability, and pattern. Each piece of Earth’s stone is different, meaning that every piece in a home is uniquely individual.

The next step is the fabrication process. Once the stones are selected, the experienced crew will cut and finish each slab. The goal is to keep the color and character alive, even throughout the smoothing and molding phase. The process of shaping usually takes about two to three days depending on the piece. Specialized machines are used, in correlation with water, to polish and construct magnificent, grandiose, and unparalleled stonework.

Broward Marble & Granite has been rocking people’s worlds since 1997. As a family-owned-and-operated company, they purchase their materials from suppliers on job-to-job bases, ensuring that each piece is exactly what the homeowner wants. Their custom and expertise knowledge in fabrication makes them able to customize a countertop with pristine detail and precision.

Few companies truly understand the fabrication in Fort Lauderdale the way Broward Marble & Granite does. If you’re a residential or commercial property owner looking to add class and style to an area, trust that their highly trained team can give you the marble, granite, travertine, or quartz top you want. Call 954-561-6686 today to learn more about their services, textures, and products! Choose Broward Marble & Granite for all of your stonework.

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